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Fully Licensed & Insured

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  • Kitchens - Bathrooms
  • Decks & Outdoor Living
  • Finish Carpentry
  • Hardie Siding
  • Custom Additions
  • NextGen Dome Homes

Building for Generations - Quality First construction for Generations to come.

We take pride at putting the "Finish" into the Finished Job

Welcome to PrecisionCraft Construction, where we do the work.   Many general contractors are organizers only, hiring out all the work as subjobs to whomever is handy. That is not us!  We do nearly all the work and supervise qualified subcontractors to produce a truly professional finished product. 

Prior to becoming a general contractor Tom worked in construction or the trades for 8 years but was often frustrated with having to work around the sloppy jobs of others who did not care as long as they got paid. His inspiration is to personally "own" every job, to have all responsibilities so he can make sure that it is done right. He would rather create than fix.

"I will not do it if it means doing it wrong. I will not settle for cheap work. My love is to see a finished job I can be proud of, and to see the pleased reaction of my customers."

Why PC Construction?
Work With You

Reforming the "take it or leave it" stigma so many general contractors emulate.

Provide you with detailed, itemized estimates. 

We use the lates technology and techniques to provide superior results. 

Take a look at our ClientLink Collaboration Tool

Special financing available; contact us for information.

East Bay Specialist

Tom chose to work in the East Bay because he understands it.  "I grew up here," Tom says "I know the crafts and the qualified tradesmen." We can and will use only the best. We regularly update our materials and construction techniques to ensure your highest quality project.



Let us turn your dreams into reality and make your remodeling project a great experience.

Has your bathroom gone to the toilet?   Tired of 1960 yellow and avocado decor?   Let us upgrade and modernize the room that starts your day.

Utilize wasted space. Tub, shower, handicap access, Jacuzzi, Whirlpool, sauna. 

Base, Casing, Trim, Wainscoting, Chair Rail

Loft bed with Bookcase

Monolithic Dome Homes for the Future. 

Termite Proof, Earthquake Proof*, Fire Proof, Hurricane Proof*, Tornado Proof*, even Bomb Resistant!

Built with sustainable materials and designed to adapt to future Generations.

BBQ, Wood & Stone Retaining Walls & Seating, Patio Covers, Decks, Benches, Trellis, Pergolas, Walkways, Steps, Water Features. 

The proper foundation and beautiful flatwork is key to every project.

Redwood Fences, Retaining Walls, Chain Link, Vinyl, Ornamental Iron Fences.

The rain came down and the water came in the door. We will replace those leaking, energy eating doors and windows. 

Wood, Bamboo, laminate, tile and vinyl flooring. 

Main or subpanels upgrades, wiring, circuit breakers, switches, outlets, light fixtures

Pipes get old, clog, the zinc runs out and they rust. You get lower water pressure and leaks. Repiping allows you to take a comfortable shower and use all faucets at the same time. Copper repiping gives you great water pressure and eliminates costly water damage repair bills.

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Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning

Residential Fabrication, Installation, Portable Equipment, Frames Manufacturing, Mig, Tig, Stick, In Shop Or On-Site Welding.

Prepare for Sale

We want you to receive maximum dollar value when you sell.

We understand the timing of real estate.  When you are getting ready to sell we know there are time constraints and that urgency is key.  Your needs are our priority.

With pre-listing inspections and upgrades, we'll take away the fear and anxiety out of your home inspection.

Just moved in?  We'll make it yours!

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